Physical – Emotional – To Reputation

Centuries ago, it was decided that it was much better for society to allow a person to recover for wrongs done to them (accidental or intentional) through the courts other than taking revenge on the perpetrator. This is the field of “Personal Injury” law. Personal Injury is a major area of my practice.

Physical Injuries: When we think of physical injuries, we most often think of motor vehicle accidents – that’s to be expected with all the TV ads we see. However people are often injured on the job (see my article on Workers Compensation) and have recovery from their employer and, if some other person caused the injury while at work, there is additional recourse against that person.

Also in this area are physical injuries caused by dangerous products – this is referred to as “product liability.” Additionally there are injuries caused by dangerous conditions such as faulty stairways, loose handrails, slippery floors and such.

This area of law also includes the worst of all injuries – Wrongful Death. I will press your claim for compensation for any form of recoverable injury. Initial consultations for physical injuries are free.

Emotional Injuries: As a general rule, emotional distress claims are only recoverable when the person causing the harm has intended to cause the harm. There are exceptions if the person causing the harm owed you a special duty of care. The injury must be verifiable by an expert such as a psychiatrist or other professional. Initial consultations for emotional injuries are free.

Injuries to Reputation: We often hear the terms “slander” and “liable” in reference to injuries to reputation. “Slander” is a verbal defamation and “liable” is a written defamation. Generally both have to be false statements. The injury has to be measurable in some way such as loss of employment or position or in being obviously shunned in the community. Initial consultations for injury to reputation are free.