“I’ll just get one of those forms off the internet, fill it out, file it, open the door and I’m in business.”  BAD  IDEA

There’s a lot more to “Business Law” than business formation, but it’s a good place to start. You would not build a foundation on unknown ground – without knowing the soil or without knowing the flood plain? Never!!

There are proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations (of many, many sorts) and that’s just to name a few. What’s best for you? That absolutely needs professional evaluation from two major sources: an attorney for the law and a CPA for tax issues. Does that sound expensive? It will cost a lot more when problems arise – I’ve seen that far too many times.

I have experience on both sides of the desk: As a business law attorney and practical experience as: Vice president of Parker Fish Company, Inc. with an annual gross of $6 million; Restaurant owner; Landlord and in an ownership position with two law firms.

Because the government (at all levels – city, county, state and federal) feels compelled to protect everybody from everything, administrative law is important to all in business. There are issues of licensing, permits, various filings and regulations on top of regulations.

Business Law crosses several other areas of the law: contracts, landlord/tenant, liability, sales, warranties and secured transactions as a few examples. Having your own business attorney a phone call, text or email away is very handy and comforting.

To encourage you to have an informational discussion and to have your questions addressed, you may schedule an initial half-hour business law consultation at half my usual hourly rate by calling 478-353-1800.