Dennis Griffiths| Of Counsel

Dennis Griffiths has been a member of the Bar since 1976. He and his partner built the largest law firm in a county with a population of over 600,000. For the last several years of his active practice he emphasized the fields of Personal Injury, Family Law and Business Law.

He also had legal experience in the U.S. Navy as a member of the Judge Advocates Corps (JAG). As a JAG Officer he was 27(b) certified as a Trial Counsel and Defense Counsel. He also had experience therein as a Claims Officer.

In the Personal Injury field his experience includes not only injuries sustained from auto accidents, but ranges into areas such as premises liability from faulty design to negligent maintenance. Other areas include claims by prisoners – or their survivors – ranging from negligent administration to wrongful death claims. He has experience in representing estates in products liability matters including a case of negligent design which resulted in a pilot’s death in a plane crash. He has long since stopped counting the number of cases he has taken to trial.

The field of family law includes not merely divorce but child support, parenting time, property division, custody and modification of existing orders just to name a few. Mr. Griffiths has tried such cases ranging from those with little to decide to those of doctors with large asset portfolios, others with multi-state holdings, in one case the owner of a high tech company involved in international transactions and in another where there was an adoption under the laws of Ghana that came into play.

In the area of Business Law – too complex for a short bio – two of his most interesting were as chief negotiator for an airline; in one case the other side was Boeing and in the other Credit Lyonnais.

He also has experience in criminal defense. His most interesting defense involved an unnamed but well known family in New York.