Criminal Law is not what you see on TV or in the movies. The vast majority of criminal files would bore an audience to tears – it’s a far different matter for the person charged with the crime. While not forgetting the victim, our criminal justice system guarantees that the government cannot punish anybody with out proof that the person charged did, in fact, commit the crime. We’ve all heard of stories about innocent persons going to prison and none of us want that to happen to us or our loved ones.

Here in Georgia we are fortunate to have a “first offender” law which allows a person with no criminal background a second chance. If the crime fits into the program, the offender is convicted and is placed on a strict program which requires regular reporting to authorities and leading an exemplary life. Any violation of the terms terminates the program and the person is incarcerated. For those who succeed, after a period of time – usually five years – the person’s record is clean. This is a once in a life-time chance. Any future offence and that prior conviction is back on their record.

Criminal defense is a substantial portion of my practice as are workers compensation, personal injury and family law. This field of law was also part of my practice with my prior law firm in which I was a full partner. Further experience is derived from my current position as Solicitor for the Probate Court of Wilkinson County. A Solicitor for Probate Court is similar to a District Attorney for a County’s Superior Court.

I do not represent persons charged with capital crimes, sex crimes or for crimes against children. For other felonies and misdemeanors, an initial consultation will be limited to one-half hour at my regular rate, paid in advance. If I decide not to represent you, the consultation fee will be returned.

I also represent persons charged with traffic crimes except in those cases which resulted in the death or maiming of a victim as a result of the alleged act or omission.