As Trustee for a family member’s trust, I consulted with Jason Rowland regarding litigation that I brought in another state. The gist of the litigation was nearly a million dollar loss due to the failure of an investment counselor to disclose high risk factors which caused the loss.

The litigation was complex and involved entities in six states. Among the matters that had to be dealt with was determining various actual and potential conflicts of interest with and within the various entities involved. It was discovered that there was a potential conflict wherein a key employee of one of the entities was the successor trustee of the trust.

I contacted Jason to seek his advice regarding the conflict of interest. He agreed that the conflict was not just potential but in fact it was an actual conflict in more ways than just the successor trustee issue. Jason immediately amended the trust, changed the successor trustee, obtained necessary signatures and provided necessary notices.

You can depend on Jason to get the job done, get it right and conclude it promptly.

Bino Alexion, Beneficiary, BAZA Trust